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RD-FD MIS Software For Business Organizations

RD-FD stands for continual deposit and glued deposit. In these investments, client deposit some quantity|certain amount|certain quantity} to a corporation and acquire some amount reciprocally when a hard and fast fundamental quantity.
In the RD theme, client has to deposit some quantity to the organization on daily, weekly or monthly basis and he gets the deposited quantity in conjunction with interest at the time of maturity. In FD theme, client has to deposit a total of quantity for a hard and fast fundamental quantity, i.e. one year, two years, 5 years or additional. when reaching maturity amount, investor can get maturity quantity in conjunction with interest.
An organization or an organization United Nations agency would like to initiate RD-FD, they’ll realize themselves unable to manage all the transactions and at the same time calculate the interest on a manual basis. they have RD-FD computer code to manage their transactions like installment due reports, transactional reports, maturity report, client lists, and different reports.
We produce RD-FD MIS computer code for corporations willing to initiate their RD-FD business on alittle or giant scale. we provide RD-FD computer code with best options for each domestic and international corporations. Such computer code will be used for varied forms of investment and selling plans that hold varied types of investments.

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